Lincoln Pokemon Go Map

Welcome to the Lincoln Nebraska Pokemon Map!

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Lincoln Map Worldopole Stats For Lincoln

Lincoln covers just the city of Lincoln, Nebraska

Grand Island Map

Grand Island covers the cities of GrandIsland, Hastings, Waverly, Fremont, and Malcolm.

Omaha Map

Omaha covers the city of Omaha and is run by Tim. Please use his Donate link if you would like to support The Gomaha Map.

Seward Map

Seward covers the cities of Seward, Bee, Garland, York, Staplehurst, Beatrice, Wymore, Columbus, Nebraska City, Milford, and Gresham.

Anchorage, AK Map

Anchorage covers a map for my neice way up in Anchorage, Alaska

Rapid City Map

Covers Rapid City, SD


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Maps: Effective 4/13/2018: NO MAP PICTURES WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE PAGE. That is for paid access only! NO EXCEPTIONS Map pictures will be deleted and excessive post removals are grounds for removal from the page. Unown pics are ok. Disclaimer: This Facebook Group holds a very firm stance against spoofing. Yes, we use a map and this can be debated over and over. However, the rule stands. We are against spoofing (whether to catch Pokemon or to fight gyms) and believe in playing the game to enjoy actual human interaction along with community involvement. No spoofing! It is grounds for termination from this Facebook Group, its Discord, and the Map. Map Registration: Payment can be either through PayPal or through cash given to one of our 2 cash collectors Ryan or Tawny is the main hub to connect you to all Maps that we run.